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The commission was to create an interesting light feature in the roof structure above the entrance of Thermeon Europe Ltd.

An Art deco style series of illuminated hanging tubes reminiscent of organ pipes, compliment the Gothic features

Columns of porcelain tubes are arranged in a descending rectangular spiral.

Programmed coloured lights (LED’s) inside the tubes are animated to run up and down, or column to column etc. There are a number of moving sequences and some static arrangements operated by remote control.

A reflection of the view looking down through the tubes is reflected in the baseplate



Thin sheets of porcelain clay are rolled into slightly tapering tubes and fired in a kiln.

The 99 tubes are hung in 33 columns of three, each on a string of coloured leds, the lower tube just fitting inside the one above.

The led strings are connected to control boards in the base. 

The whole array is preprogrammed with different animated sequences, which can be selected by remote control.

The base is made from black acrylic to reflect back the view down the tubes.

Size of base; 1200mm x 1200mm fixed to the roof timbers.  Drop approx.  2m.

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