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Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson is a ceramicist who designs and creates unique light sculptures in Studio 37 an 18th century stone barn in Aquitaine, France and a shared studio in Fairlight, South East England.

Colin has worked for over three decades, combining old and new techniques to push the creative and technical boundaries of his work, creating striking contemporary ceramics.

Colin Johnson

At the heart of his work is an exploration of the interplay of light and form, colour and texture.He also uses the inherent translucency of thin bone china and porcelain to emphasise delicacy of form and plays with ideas about the concealment and revelation of light. For some pieces he writes computer programs to control the sequencing of LED lights concealed in his sculptures. These conjure-up an ever-changing series of patterns on the surface of the work. which can be quite mesmerising or meditative.

Colin said: Spending time in Studio 37 has allowed me to indulge my introspection, and blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy to find that place where my inspiration lies. Reality is all tough, hard work. Fantasy is much more plastic, like clay. My work addresses beauty and the contemplation of beauty and my interaction with geometry and the natural world. There is beauty in simplicity but trying to make something simple, elegant, and uncomplicated is neither simple nor uncomplicated.

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